• Luxury penthouses
  • Luxury penthouses
  • Luxury penthouses
  • Luxury penthouses
  • Luxury penthouses
  • Luxury penthouses

Luxury penthouses


Luxury penthouse


Luxury Fully furnished Apartment at the the center of town which is 3 bedroom and 4 bathroom....with maides room and storage, one office space .
living room ..and nice and clean kitchen the apartment is very bright, and clean. So apartment is ready to move in.
<< Additional features >>;

. It's wifi, backup generator, specious bernda viewing neighborhood , internet cafe, close by in a walking distance.
. A walking distance to Restaurant, shopping centers , super market , 10" to drive airport, ..
. Near bole atlas hotel and 24/7 security guards.
. Pet-friendly
Rent -3,500 $ , we can negotiate.
Contact ; +251911975567/ +251911259755
Email- keyright65@gmail.com ......
https://www.facebook.com/RightkeypropertyAgents/ , please open the link and join or follow our Facebook page, እርሶ ሌላ ጉዳዮን ይፈፅሙ : እኛ ቤት ንብረትዎን በሐላፊነት ተረክበን እናስተዳድራለን ፡, እርሶ ከኛ ጋር ይግዙ, ይሽጡ, ያከራዪ፡፡
Visit our website as below .

Offered by Adane

Offered by Adane


Type of housingApartment for rent
Total living area 280 m²
Number of bedrooms3


Bole, Woreda 05


Woreda 5


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